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Enjoy the convenience of getting paid on your own GSN DirectPay Visa® card.

We know that your time is valuable. Why waste your time with checks and banks when there are so many other things to do with your day?

Those long lines at your bank will now become a distant memory. With GSN DirectPay, you simply visit your local MSN office with your recent time card and they'll deposit it onto your GSN DirectPay card within about an hour. Then it's all yours. No banks, no forms and no lines. By the time you finish your grocery shopping your paycheck should be in your account!

So go ahead and shop! Whether you want to shop or pay your bills online, treat yourself to a weekend getaway, or just pay for gas, the GSN DirectPay card makes it a breeze. You can use your GSN DirectPay card wherever Visa® is accepted. You can even use your GSN DirectPay card at ATMs. Your card can access your balance at any cash machine displaying the Visa® logo worldwide - over 600,000 locations in 126 countries!

Sound amazing? Here's more:
  • Access your money within about an hour of processing of your time card!
  • Use it anywhere you'd use a Visa® card. You can even receive cash back on purchases! And, you don't need a bank account.
  • Manage your account online or by phone. You can check your balance, transfer money, and so much more!
  • Link the card to your own bank account and transfer your pay to it!
  • You can even write checks and deposit or cash them.
So go ahead, enjoy the new GSN DirectPay card, and enjoy your new freedom!