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Today's temporary labor market is more difficult than ever, especially if you are considering the daunting task of finding employment opportunities on your own. MSN General Staffing Solutions has the resources and expertise it takes to find you the best job opportunities available, quickly and easily. We match your unique skills and talents with our clients who need them most, so you'll spend your time working and earning money, instead of making phone calls and chasing down dead-ends.

Plus, temporary employment can offer many advantages, including:
  • Earn extra income while searching for full-time employment or re-entering the job market
  • Acquire new skills or keep existing skills current
  • Earn income while being semi-retired
  • Transition from temporary to permanent employment
  • Flexible schedules provide time to pursue other interests or for family
How it works is simple.
  • Tell us about your background and abilities by submitting your resume. If you don't have a resume, contact us.
  • We'll contact you if we have a suitable opportunity.
  • Once we have an assignment for you, we'll give you all the details you need before you begin, including dates, times, length of assignment, who to report to and so on.
  • We'll also provide you with a time sheet, which you should have signed by your supervisor at the end of each day.
  • When your assignment is completed, or at the end of each week if it lasts longer than one week, fax your signed and completed time sheet to your staffing coordinator.
  • You can be paid in one of three ways: direct deposit, a paper check, or onto your own MSN General Staffing Solutions DirectPay Visa® card.
  • When your assignment is completed, be sure to let your staffing coordinator know that you are available for other assignments.
For more information about opportunities in your area of expertise, click the appropriate division from the Job Seekers menu at the left.